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Tactical Hapkido Alliance
Tactical Hapkido (Chon Sul Kwan) is officially recognized and accredited as a legitimate "Kwan" of Hapkido by the World Korean Martial Arts Union.  
Tactical Hapkido is a conceptually driven, systematic approach to the way of coordinating energy in a tactical training environment. It is an eclectic Korean martial art that employs punches, kicks, throws, joint locks, and nerve attacks.

Tactical Hapkido is a practical and realistic martial art for any situation.  It is often the style of choice for police, prison workers, body guards, and even special forces

Pictured bellow is Grandmaster Barry Rodemaker, the founder and president of the Tactical Hapkido Alliance

Grandmaster Rodemaker is the founder and president of the Tactical Hapkido Alliance, referred to as Tactical Hapkido.

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Tactical Hapkido